About Cornerstone Family Counseling

CornerstoneThe Cornerstone is the most important stone in a foundation.  All other stones are set in reference to this stone, and together, a powerful foundation is created for a secure and lasting structure.  Building a life can be very hard, and a reliable foundation is needed to withstand the winds and storms, the sadness, heartache, and the pain that can come our way.
The therapists at Cornerstone Family Counseling have over 40 years of experience  helping people just like you put lives back together, and build strong emotional foundations for themselves and their families.  You too can discover the inner peace and happiness that comes with this wonderful, warm, and thoughtful theraputic experience.

“One of the important tasks of being a therapist is to walk along side the client till we find the real person they are, the eternal person they are.  And then celebrate that vision and knowledge together, and all the trials and struggles click into place and take their proper place and perspective.” 

Jay Steineckert LCSW  2/3/2009